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02 May 2013

Your weekly round-up of intellectual property, technology and communications law news.

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Welcome to Herbert Geer’s round-up of the news in the fast-moving world of intellectual property, technology and communications law.

In last week’s issue we linked to a blog post by The IT Countrey Justice and stated that it provided a UK perspective. The principal case discussed in the post was a NZ case. We apologise for the mistake.

If you have any questions arising from any of the articles below, we would be pleased to discuss them with you.

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Social Media

Fired social media editor shares Reuters’ Twitter guidelines; demonstrates professional risks one takes on Twitter | All Twitter | http://bit.ly/ZEY6Fj 

Personalisation doesn't have to be creepy: Phair | IT News | http://bit.ly/13HO7iX. Link to research paper published by Centre for Internet Safety at University of Canberra http://bit.ly/18dOdCe


Corby book ruling reinforces photographic copyright laws | Sydney Morning Herald | http://bit.ly/15KYOoM.  See also blog post analysing aspects of the case by Warwick Rothnie of the Victorian Bar http://ipwars.com/

Fair use decision: remixing is legal even when there is no intent to comment or parody original work [US perspective] | Boing Boing | http://bit.ly/15MUupd 

Why students need the right to copy | The Hindu | http://bit.ly/1808MSD

Forget copyright! We’ve always stolen music | Salon | http://bit.ly/15SztJS 

Trade marks and Brand Protection

WWII poster calls for calm; now it stokes frenzy, feud | Los Angeles Times | http://lat.ms/11VGwgL

2012 Trade Mark Report: a global view of trade mark activity | Thomson Reuter | http://bit.ly/YnPqoX

Privacy and Security

Privacy is overrated (op. ed. by Judge Richard A Posner) | New York Daily News | http://nydn.us/12CQ7cj  (warning - may be slow to load)

What every CEO should know to protect their privacy on social media | Carrier Management | http://bit.ly/11SVeVF


Kogan Mobile claims victory in ispONE legal stoush | Business Spectator | http://bit.ly/11YR9xW  

ACCC scores a win against Excite Mobile | Business Spectator | http://bit.ly/ZXHlH9


Coming soon to a 3D printer near you: human tissue and organs | Quartz.com | http://bit.ly/18dPn0J 

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